Skivomslagen Gud försöker glömma

Får en kristen gäcka med sina trossyskons mindre lyckade alster? Eh...ja! Brotten är preskriberade. Titta och döm själv. Gör inte om detta hemma, barn!

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”Lord, it´s just another hill” (The Cooke Duet Sings)

”A Touch Of Variety” (The Twin City Singers)

”Crafted In” (Eric Van Camp)

Gospel Music Queen Carolyn

”Take Us Home With You” (The Singing Hemphills)

”All Is Well” (Real Happiness)

”It´s Been Worth It” (The Weatherford´s)

”A Campus Happening (Larry Smith)

”When He Calls My Name I Will Answer” (okänd artist)

”Turned On To Jesus” (Tommy Meekins)

”Something exciting!” (The Florida Boys)

”Time is running out” (Luke Hollandsworth)

”the body the blood the machine” (the thermals)

”Family Band Vol. I” (The Heitt Orchestra featuring Donna Boser)

”The Peoples People present ´The Spirit Of David´”

”The whole Church should get drunk” (Rev. Dr. James Wade)

”Music” (Royals)

”Love For All Seasons” (The Murk Family)

”The Love Of God Is Slipping Away” (Bill, Mary and Jim Einert)

”Let Me Touch Him” (The Ministers Quartet)

”Live” (Dixie Echoes)

”Leavin´ My Troubles” (The Singing Rickey Family)

”I farta”  (Börud-gjengen)

"The Smylie Family"

"Merry Christmas"  (The Mom and Dads)

"Vi ska ses igen"  (Samuelsons)

"Kung Fu Karate; Presenting Evangelist Dean Blakeney"

"Truly A Miracle Of God"  (The handless organist)

"Here comes Jesus"

"Home To You"  (The Peasalls Sisters)

"It might have been good not to touch"  (Rev. W. L. jones)

"More Songs & Hymns from the Polka Mass"  (Father Frank Perkovich)

"The World of Laverne Tripp"

"Felix A Lorenz Jr sings your requests"

"this is the way i feel (sic!)  (nathan woodruff)

"Cosmic Cowboy" (Barry McGuire)

"new years day" (sic)  (Saint Mark)

"Aunt Bertha presents family favorites"

"Don´t deny him"  (okänd)

"Love Music"  (Jerry Ayres)

"Awaiting Your Reply"  (Resurrection Band)

"All My Friends Are Dead"  (Freddie Gage)

"I Want To Rest"  (The Brooklyn All Stars)

"Footsteps On The Sea"  (Graham Kendrick)

"This is your funeral (if you are a Christian)"  (Dr. Dallas F. Billington)

"Fuga manus"© Johan Gustafsson 2016den 16 november 2017